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"Winning Effort"


Cardinal Parents: The Coon Rapids Gridiron Club is YOU.  CRGC was formed and exists for the sole purpose of promoting and financially supporting Coon Rapids High School football.  The district does only the bare minimum to field a team at each school... it's up to interested and invested parties (You the parents) to work on behalf of our players.  We feed 'em, we clothe 'em, we buy needed equipment, we support coaches in the offseason, we produce and print game programs, we paint the game field, we run the concession stand (revenue generator), we host banquets and family picnics, we plan and execute fundraisers, pretty much everything that's involved in fielding a team we can be proud to be a part of... we do!  

The thing is, we're typically 10 or less people, supporting a group that typically has 100+ players/families.  Some other folks chip in here and there, but we need much more!  If every family was sincerely invested in this program - think of how much we'd accomplish!!!

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"Take advantage of today. You've never lived this one before."
- Justin Su'a

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